Drunk Online Shopping: It’s a Real Problem

They say don’t drink and drive and don’t drink and exercise for injury prevention reasons but there may need to be a new adage. Wine-and-cheese parties move hand-in-hand with Artwork gallery Openings for many reasons, such as this one: Once you convert the customer experience into a social network and inject alcohol, wallets open wider. High-end retail stores long ago found a similar truism: If you pour the consumer a glass of wine, he or she’ll be inhibited and likely invest more cash.

Internet Shopping has adopted the drink-and-spend formulation and consequently, cases of Spending Under the Influence (SUI) have increased, claims April Lane Benson, author of “To Buy Or Not To Buy: Why We Overshop And How To Stop”, and adviser to the shopping-addicted. She believes that from the comfort of your own house, you can jump online and spend a small fortune on alcohol-induced buys– a lot of things you neither want nor can manage. The Census Bureau reported online retail revenue of $54.8 billion, a rise of 3.3 percent in the first quarter of 2012.

And it seems that at least some of it’s being fuelled by a red from a winery Yarra Valley based or a beer from Berlin, according to a British study from the shopping-habits site Kelkoo, which saw almost half of all Brits have shopped online following drinking and the majority of them acknowledge that in doing this, they spent more than they’d have when sober.

With the holiday shopping season upon us, experts state that Midlifers are among the shoppers that need to be most on-guard concerning the custom.

Medicating by purchasing is nothing new. And midlifers, a lot of whom are undergoing loss — if it be of kids leaving the house, loss of a partner, loss of buddies — are particularly vulnerable according to one source

Most of us know people who shop when they’re lonely or bored. In clinical practice there is ample evidence of how the lack of a partner or friends triggers disordered shopping, and certainly elderly individuals have more experience with loss.

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, psychology professor at the University Of Massachusetts at Amherst and also a blogger in PsychologyToday.com, stated midlifers are at particularly higher risk because they have a propensity to combine alcohol with sleep aids, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and other prescription medications which intensify the effects of the booze. It is “polypharmacy” and, she said, over 50s “don’t realize how intoxicated they are when they sit down in front of the computer.”

“Combine that with a bombardment of targeted online ads,” she said, “and it can easily become a problem of overspending and buying things you don’t need.”

According to preliminary information that she has gathered for a yet-to-be-finished research, retired individuals 50 to 69 are spending considerable amounts of time on the internet –many getting borderline hooked. Including time spent online gambling and chatting on social networking websites. “But once you are online, it becomes impossible to avoid the ads… and the ads are targeted to your age,” she said, “Google is pinpointing you.”

With inhibitions reduced due to alcohol and drugs it turns into a very short step to creating a terrible choice.

How can you know whether you’ve gone off the deep end on eBay? A Big credit card bill is a fantastic indicator. Being amazed when bizarre things like wedding yarra valley bundles show up on the doorstep is just another. The great thing is that several online retailers offer free transport — both ways.

The remedy for shopping and drinking is straightforward once denial is conquered. Generally, there’s an inherent dilemma of depression or loneliness. Heal that and also the symptom of overshopping online goes off. Whitbourne also indicates that if individuals will drink and spend some time on the internet, they should find a game to play or a societal networking site to follow rather than something which costs money.

But do not expect a lot of help from internet retailers, that seem to very much be conscious of the habit that individuals drink and shop. According to the New York Times, the longest period of activity on eBay is from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in every time zone.

Does drinking aid in increased earnings? “Absolutely,” Steve Yankovich, vice president for the mobile operations of eBay, told us. According to him if you consider what most individuals do once they get home from work in the day, it is decompression time. The customer’s in a great mood.

Some retailers especially target the inebriated audience by Employing “limited time only” specials starting after the witching hour, reported the Times.

People who shopped while tipsy were more generous in purchasing than many others and more likely to regret their purchase, the Kelkoo poll discovered. A fifth of those questioned said that they could not recall what they’d purchased when they awakened the following morning — a truth supported by Benson’s practical experience as a therapist. People are amazed when a package shows up on the doorstep.

If there is a silver lining here, it is that most shopping while under the influence seems to happen online — keeping drunk drivers off the street

While overshopping is not the only bad choice made when the Beer goggles come on, it may be one of the costliest. Often, people do not even recall what they’re ordered with crazy stories often being circulated across the internet like one man who ordered masses of pressure relief cushions when on a bender (sober him did not know what drunk him was thinking!).

How can you know whether you’ve got an issue?

Should you use shopping as a fast cure for the blues, or in the event you are feeling guilty or embarrassed or secretive concerning the behaviour — or should you attempt to stop and therefore are not able to, then you probably have an issue. As in the case of any kind of compulsive shopping, ask yourself if you believe your life might be wealthier if you were not shopping so much.

What alcohol does is take down your guard; You make Purchases without consideration about if you want them, have space for them, or may even utilize them. Ladies have a tendency to purchase clothes, jewelry, accessories and shoes. Benson believes that this is usually because they do not feel great in their self-image, then they are inclined to stay with assessories that they don’t have to test on.

Men buy collectibles — Chinese watches or ceramics or some specific sort of pencil — since “collecting gives the activity of compulsive shopping a more highbrow refined cast to it,” she added. Among her customers, one came to her having purchased over 22,000 CDs. His wife said it was just like being married to Crazy Eddie.

In Terms of taking compulsive shopping on the internet and adding alcohol to the encounter, Benson stated, it is a recipe for failure. As Brad Tuttle informed us in the Time magazine, nothing great happens in a pub after midnight, and also that is likely true online also.

If the Shoe Fits Customers Will Buy More

Invertex, an Israeli Tel Aviv-based start-up, is looking to alter the way individuals buy shoes. The business wants to digitize the procedure, using artificial intelligence, a software tester and testing course and 3-D imaging innovation to examine users’ feet in stores and to recommend designs and sizes that would fit the best. The software can also aid with online shopping, allowing mobile phones to scan feet through an app, analyse the digital content and make recommendations about exactly what would be the best buy.

“Today many individuals purchase their shoes online and the shoe return rates are insane,” stated Invertex CEO David Bleicher in a phone interview. Shoe makers and sellers Nike, Foot Locker and DSW for instance, see typically one-third of their shoes delivered back, at their cost, he stated. “We concentrate on an innovation to assist business better match their items to their consumer requirements. This issue exists in glasses and fashion in general,” he stated. “But the hardest issue remains in shoes, which is where we are determined to solve today.”

Invertex stated on Thursday it closed a $2 million seed financing round, led by the Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding VC OurCrowd through its OurCrowd First early-stage fund. Permoda, a global retail and fashion group, also took part in the round together with other angel financiers, the business said in a statement. Invertex is a business-to-business business, and therefore would be provided as a service to consumers by the likes of Nike and Adidas through their sites or apps, Bleicher stated.

The item is a mix of software application and hardware. A so-called launchpad put in stores would enable individuals to stand on a digital pad and get a 3D scan and corresponding mobile data capture of their feet on their mobile phones. The scan is sent out to a cloud through a business cloud management system and compared to 10s of countless other individuals’ feet – to examine exactly what designs and sizes worked in the past for individuals with those sort of feet. The artificial intelligence part of the item then recommends the very best shoes and designs. The software also enables the scanning of shoes’ bar-codes in the shop to reveal exactly what colors are readily available and if there are comparable shoes to take a look at.

In the at-home and e-commerce variations, the innovation would enable the scanning of feet by means of a mobile phone video camera and offer the very same info as does the launchpad in the shop. The Invertex Plugin would be included to the shop’s E-commerce sites, allowing them to offer suggestions to clients and help reduce the variety of shoe returns. “A size 8 is not the exact same for all feet, and there are likewise distinctions between the right and left feet,” Bleicher stated. “The 3D measurement helps comprehend the size but also the volume and other criteria of the foot. Fitting shoes is not a science but an art, and with AI we can resolve this.”

The scanning procedure has to be done just once, and the digital content is formed into a personal profile and saved for any subsequent check outs to the website or the shop. Numerous profiles can be saved on the app as well as shared amongst users, the business states on its site. United States firm Real Fit does something similar, offering users the possibility to tailor their shoes purchases. Its innovation understands which brand names best fit consumers by observing how other buyers with the exact same physique purchase or return specific brand names.

The distinction from Real Fit, stated Bleicher, is that Invertex uses a multi-channel method – for inside the shop and for e-commerce, and not simply the e-commerce channel. And Invertex uses 3D imaging combined with AI, he stated, instead of the huge information technique used by Real Fit, which works by comparing physique to others. Invertex has currently a couple of beta clients and pilots in place with smaller sized business. It is also in talks with the majority of the biggest shoes businesses, like Nike and Adidas, about the agile automated testing innovation, Bleicher stated.

“They are all thinking about fixing this issue,” stated Bleicher. “Now that our innovation is practically 100% established, the most significant difficulty will be going to market and release. Our objective is to be in all of the major shoe businesses. We want to be the market need in shoes. Later on we can use this to eyeglasses and clothes.” OurCrowd First basic partner Eduardo Shoval has signed up with the Invertex board. “Invertex was built on the structure of deep-technology and strong copyright, exactly the active ingredients we look for in the business we purchase,” stated Shoval, including that OurCrowd is wanting to assist Invertex “accelerate its go to market stage.”

The Big Shorts: An Era in Basketball Fashion

Jerry West, the design for the logo style of the National Basketball Association, utilized loincloth-length basketball shorts. A significant change was motivated when Michael Jordan voiced his desire for a more ‘baggier ‘and longer cut for the shorts. A group of first year students at the University of Michigan dubbed the “Fab 5” ended up being a national experience in the early 1990s partly due to their swagger, wearing basketball shorts that dropped well below their knees. For several years after, the subject of inseams affected older observers of the computer game to worry, just how low could they go? Now the hemline is creeping back up.

In early November, Cleveland Cavaliers super star LeBron James mentioned he would utilize a much tighter and short pair of shorts this season, his 13th in the league, due to the fact that he wished to present a more expert appearance. However while he is the highest-profile change to the much shorter short, he isn’t the first. The emerging generation of pro basketball gamers, one that developed using tighter clothes off the flooring, beat him to it.

Kelly Oubre Jr., 20-year-old rookie player of the Washington Wizards, rolls his shorts up – both at the waistband and from at the bottom– for almost every practice and pregame warm-up regimen, leaving them definitely much shorter and tighter than his peers. He takes a more conservative approach for video games, folding just his waistband, nevertheless the alteration nevertheless travels the bottom of the shorts a few inches above his knees, exposing more leg than a great deal of NBA gamers have more than the last twenty years.

“I similar to wearing much shorter shorts due to the fact that I feel more comfy on the court,” Oubre stated. “I do not have anything swinging, walking around.” Oubre belongs to a subtle countermovement. From high school ranks through college, basketball players have really gradually chosen a briefer and slim fit over the previously long and baggy shorts they have been known to wear over the last few years in keeping with off-court patterns. The style is leaking into the professional level.

When larger got too huge

It went from Walt Frazier’s stylish fur coats in the 1970s to the chic jerseys from the millennium, and actually, basketball and design have been intertwined for years. Basketball starts like Dwayne Wade from Miami Heat and Russell Westbrook, player of Oklahoma City Thunder has actually extended their star status into the design world. They propel patterns, their bold off-court clothing examined as much as their fantastic in-game efficiency.

He luminaries aren’t the league’s only fashion-conscious characters. Oubre, whose hairstyle is a Mohawk-Afro fusion with a coloured splash in the back, generated large attention when he went to the NBA draft in June in spiked white gown slippers. And while constant measurements are not as fast to change as the styles modelled formerly and after computer game, history highlights that they, too, are subject to discrepancies in taste.

“On-court style and basketball apparel generally reveals fundamental fashion patterns likewise,” specified Long Nguyen, co-founder of Flaunt, a design and culture magazine. “Basketball is constantly more a street sport. For that reason, the street style is more prominent for the players, and a great deal of players grown on street design, and they know the modifications in street fashion. It’s a lot more so in basketball than in other sport. And throughout the hip-hop age, when denims were really substantial, Tee t-shirts were really huge, coat was considerable, everything was XXL on the court.”

By the end of the nineties, short shorts were unfashionable. They successfully retired with the retirement in 2003 of John Stockton, a Hall of Popularity player, the NBA’s last popular displayer of upper-leg skin.

Artist Develops Unbelievable Clothing Sculpted from Wood

Here’s an artist that prefers to go against the grain – making extraordinary life-like clothing from wood. Fraser Smith is a master. He’s made practically a whole closet consisting of bomber coats, leather coats, quilts, baseball caps and basketball t-shirts, and his own store walls made from natural glue laminated lumber. The 54-year-old, who has actually been sculpting because the age of 10, stated: ‘I make trompe l’oeil wood sculpture versions of products that are usually created from leather or other materials. ‘We have the tendency to conserve, or treasure after they are not helpful; thus my subject is drawn from such of concept of these things.

A withering, aged coat might not suit any longer, but we have the tendency to keep in at the back of our closet… quilts, farmers’ hats.  This is the case for so many other products we may wish to store away simply due to the memories we can share with others or in secret. ‘I didn’t always enter into it thinking about anything aside from the item itself, however when I completed a couple of pieces, I understood that when you hang a coat, or a quilt (or anything) on a wall, where that things generally would not be, you develop all sorts of fascinating things in individuals’s minds.

A trompe l’oeil method of artistic foolhardiness; this is his woodcarver sculpting ability making many people look twice. ‘They see it, and ask themselves, “Fascinating coat, however why’s it awaiting the dining-room?” It involves the context of the coat hanging where you usually would not hang one. Individuals will see it, and make some sort of judgment. ‘A while later on, they’ll discover exactly what it’s made from, or run into it, and understand it’s made from wood, and they’ll need to right away alter whatever they thought about it. Some are excited, like they ‘d simply seen magic. ‘I aim to deceive the eye from about 3ft, not 3in when it comes to my tactic or strategy. Each piece is sculpted from a single block of basswood and stained with water-based pigments.

‘The stain permits the texture of the wood surface area matching lumber and architectural timbers to stay disclosed, which provides to the impression of material. I do not sculpt specific reproductions of fabric, however rather something that appears like exactly what our “mind’s eye” views as fabric. ‘In the beginning, you see a quilt and you’ll make some sort of psychological judgment on that. Then you find that it’s a block of wood, and you need to right away alter that judgment.’ Trompe l’oei is an art strategy that utilizes images in order to develop the visual fallacy that the portrayed things are genuine. It is typically utilized in murals and has actually been utilized considering that Greek and Roman times, for instance in Pompeii. The Spanish painter Salvador Dalí was one well-known exponent who made use of the strategy for a variety of his paintings. Visit the Russeck Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida to see works including Mr Smith’s.

Dream Closet Concepts for Style Lovers

Are you a passionate collector of online clothing, shoes and other style discovers– or, simply puts, a shopaholic (no judgment here; I fall under this camp myself!)– who frequently contributes to your collection every season; or a style lover who chooses to keep a thoroughly modified closet and just spends lavishly on traditional buys or financial investment pieces you actually enjoy? Whatever your shopping design, if you’re somebody who takes pride in your style collection, you should have a closet that deserves keeping and showcasing your elegant items– one that not just looks great however uses space-savvy and useful storage, too.

If you’re intending on developing a brand-new house (and in it, a spacious walk-in or integrated closet), revamping your present closet area or purchasing a freestanding cabinet to stash your style discovers, have a look at the 24 fashion-lover-approved storage options listed below for motivation. While some might be bigger or more decadent than exactly what you desire or require, they still use creative and aesthetically enticing concepts you can take to develop your very own dream closet, no matter the shape, size or design of your area or spending plan you need to deal with.

  1. Walk-in marvel

Hands up if you imagine having a roomy walk-in closet like this trendy, envy-inducing storage zone in your bed room under ambient lighting and timber frames? Basically everybody? Idea so.

The size of your space and spending plan will play a crucial consider identifying whether you’ll have the ability to make a dream area like this a truth. If the job gets the thumbs-up, make certain to integrate smart, space-maximising services into the closet’s style to develop an useful storage location that deserves your financial investment, instead of a walk-in closet that’s big and excellent to take a look at however not especially effective or practical.

With hanging area, spacious drawers and lots of open shelving, this wise and trendy walk-in closet ticks all the right boxes. Keep in mind how fabric boxes are utilized to save smaller sized products on 2 of the racks, which keeps the products from looking chaotic, while things (such as an overnight bag and basket with extra blankets) have actually been positioned along the base of both of the hanging areas to make use of all the readily available area.

  1. Stylish screen

If you have an outstanding shoe, purse or cap collection, think about including open shelving into your closet. Why? They supply the ideal method to display your preferred shoes and devices, while improving the appearance of your closet and making these products simple to gain access to, too. If you do not have a walk-in bathrobe or integrated storage, purchasing an open bookcase for your bed room is a terrific option, particularly for tenants and those on a tight spending plan.

  1. Smart and space-savvy

Floor-to-ceiling closets are fantastic as they make use of every last centimetre of readily available wall area, however they can trigger some aggravation when you have to reach something that’s saved on a rack at the top of your closet made of wood and engineered timber frames however cannot do so without the aid of a ladder or chair. The service? Instead of setting up simply racks at the top of your closet usage this area to stow products you seldom require, such as winter season coats or clothing you never ever use however cannot bear eliminating. Just fit out a couple of areas with pull-down clothing racks. Not just offering you with additional (and incredibly important) hanging storage, these smart additions are space-savvy and ergonomic, too.

Where to Shop for Workout Clothes

The activewear market has exploded within the past few years with numerous new workout and athleisure brand names – not to mention that practically every fashion merchant has included or broadened its activewear lineup. Needless to say, there’s a lot to learn when it concerns sports bras, running tights, and yoga tank tops for your next personal weight training Fortunate for you, we have actually done the legwork to precede your leg work. Below is our guide to the outright finest places to purchase workout clothing.

The Classics

Nike: The big daddy of athletic gear, where everyone’s a Nike professional athlete no matter what your sport or level of activity and body transformation aspirations. The brand name is consumed with consistent development in efficiency wear, and consistently churns out the most on-point colorways. It truly cannot be beat for shoes that are both practical and trendy, however you didn’t need us to tell you that.

Adidas: The athletic giant has actually been a bonafide staple for rather some time, however has truly upped its video game over the past few years with special cooperations, fantastic branding and advertising campaign, quality gear, and star partnerships with the likes of Pusha T and, naturally, Kanye West Store the brand now for guys’s, females’s, and kid’s clothing and tennis shoes across a huge series of sports and designs.

Under Armour: Under Armour has all its athletic garments bases covered, from daily athleisure to high-performance equipment for marathon runners and cold-weather hikers who use personal training courses. It’s likewise had a couple of huge cooperations of its own, too, like this year’s collection with Misty Copeland and the latest Steph Curry sneakers.

Lululemon: A big range of pants, shorts, sports bras, and tank tops for runners and yogis is the business’s support. Things like complimentary in-store classes and a big push for community building and the best personal trainer make it a full-on way of life brand name, with shoppers swearing by the expensive leggings (which do a minimum of featured complimentary hemming).

Athleta: This Gap Inc.-owned athletic chain has actually been expanding at a fast clip with an actually solid selection of exercise garments. Clothes available variety in function from studio classes to winter season sports, and are offered in a reasonable series of colors like black, navy, and coral, with a couple of seasonally-updated prints thrown in the mix.


Old Navy Active: You might be amazed to know that Old Navy’s leggings– which are all in the $20 to $30 variety– are in fact fantastic. Even better is that they include a wide variety of sizes and devoted active areas for plus, petite, and tall women, which implies those leggings will in fact be the right length and fit, and ankle-bunch will be one less thing to stress over while breaking a sweat or holding a present.

H&M Sport: Workout tanks and quick-dry leggings are all mainly under $25, and both are available in standard solids and seasonal prints. Continue to stock your fitness center bag with vibrant devices like combination locks, water bottles, headbands, and sport socks.

Target: Exactly what isn’t Target a terrific, cheap alternative for? The bulk of the retailer’s athletic equipment is from the economical C9 Champ line, which offers leggings, sports bras, tops, coats, and more that are mainly all well under $50.

The First Plus-Size Fashion Show

On September 2013 history was made when for the first time ever there was an entire plus size clothing label including mens boots being modeled down the world famous catwalks of the New York Fashion Show. This had never been seen before as the modelling industry was wholly focused on using skinny models wearing amazing womens jumpers in all of its media advertising. This was the first time a designer had specialised in plus size clothing, and Miller’s clothing line was a huge success!

After the crowd began to see models of size 12 and higher strutting down the catwalk, Miller’s floral designs that came in the shape of dresses and knee high skirts drew attention from press from all around the world, complete with designer jewelry sourced from a variety of jewelry houses from around the world.Finally, plus size women were being recognised globally and were being offered a whole new and exciting range of comfortable clothing.

However, since this major milestone in the plus sized clothing industry, the hype stalled. There has since been a growing movement in social media for plus size women in fashion and media, but still not enough to gain full traction world-wide.

The plus size clothing industry still remains a relatively untapped market with a $17.5 billion worth of potential for aspiring designers to gain a share of. While most fashion magazines are stockpiled to the brim with unrealistic size 4 models, larger women are still being forced to shop online for clothing that fits them. Many young women have expressed their dislike of the term ‘plus-size’, and have adopted the outdated and more accurate term of ‘curvy’.

Miller explains that to increase the inclusion of all plus sized women, we all should not only be looking for the typical catwalk and fashion shows that look like they have been lit up by flood lighting, but should be looking past these. It is about bucking the trend, and challenging the idea of what fashion is.

Since fashion shows are a heightened version of the everyday style, it makes it very hard sometimes to reflect reality. These fashion shows tend to market the top notch and expensive clothing labels for ladies boots for example, that only a small minority can actually afford.

Considering most of the population don’t even watch the fashion shows, we need to be realistic when it comes to the exposure to the general public and plus size ladies who rock out the womens tops. It may be time for many people to realise that maybe the fashion shows are the root to the cause of how we perceive plus size women. Shifting our focus to more accessible places like shopping for plus size clothing online is more realistic.

Simple Tips for Buying Beauty Products Online

buying perfume onlineShopping online can make life a breeze, especially when looking at womens ankle boots or fashion accessories. It’s quick, effective and shipped directly to your door. You can buy anything from discounted jewelry online to wigs these days. It’s the ideal method to shop until something goes horribly wrong. Respectable cosmetics makers have recently been flooded with complaints about high-end items after consumers have unwittingly bought phony, obsolete or black-market products from unauthorised online stockists.

But before you go cold turkey on your online buying habits, read these handy tips. Equipped with a couple of good pieces of street smarts, you’ll be able to with confidence fill your online cart when looking for beauty therapy or makeup products.

buying high end products onlineMakeup

Purchasing cosmetics online can be a minefield because of the threat of item contamination and infection. Just buy from the brand’s website or authorised stockist. When you receive the product, check that the product has never been opened and, where appropriate, ensure it is still in its box and cellophane wrapping.


Most high-end  brands such as Chanel you will never be able to find online. If by chance you do find them, they are most likely fakes, grey-market or worse, used. The scent of the fragrance could be spoiled or a poor or most of the time even a dangerous imitation of the real thing.

In a lot of countries, it is illegal to post fragrance by air. So make sure your online store has quality land or sea shipping available for such purchases.


face cream onlineWhen you purchase skincare products online, especially cosmeceuticals or anything with highly active ingredients such as vitamins A or C or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), you should always purchase from the brand’s own official site. If (as we mentioned above) the brand doesn’t sell their products online, have a look for its authorised stockist list somewhere on their official site. Some of the high-end brands who are looking to protect their brand from the grey and fake markets have initiated their own programmes  by creating an “Authorised Stockist” stamp.

The bottom line basically is, if the price of a high-end brand on a website looks too good to be true, it usually is. High-end brands have their own websites  and do not usually sell from third party websites. Remember, the business of beauty therapy is a highly specialised industry so be wary and alert when buying anything online and enjoy the experience. Also remember to keep in mind the tone of your legs does make a difference to the kinds of womens heels you should buy.

Why Rebel Wilson Doesn’t Mind Her Plus Size

Rebel Wilson says that she is proud of her curvy body. And why shouldn’t she be? She recently launched a new clothing line at Milk Studios in Hollywood. She unveiled her capsule collection for Torrid, which is ready to launch on Nov. 1. Rebel says that Torrid is a fashion line that specializes in plus size clothing from sizes 12-28. The partnership was a match for Wilson. She has always owned her curves and promoted a healthy body image.

“I think all you should be worried about is if you’re healthy,” the Pitch Perfect star told E! News at her launch. “If you’re unhealthy, you should maybe do something about it,” she added with a laugh”.

Recently, Alyssa Toomey wrote for E: “In fact, Wilson, who has previously said she wants to inspire girls who don’t think they’re cool or pretty,” told us she’s not bothered by the term “plus-size.” “To me, getting an A+ in school is better than getting an A and I’m being called ‘plus,'” she shared, adding, “I kind of like being curvy and eating dessert every second night so that’s kinda why I am the way I am.”

Wilson was previously inspired to launch a clothing line when she began attending red carpets and noticed that there are very few clothing options for plus size women. “I am the type of girl with zero fashion sense, but I am getting into it now,” she told Elle U.K. for the mag’s May issue. “It’s becoming important for me. I saw a lot of girls were beginning to notice what I wear and I feel a kind of responsibility, because there aren’t any women in Hollywood my size and age.”

Rebel had the final word in the interview where she said, “You need to be physically strong for this job. I like to have the stamina to work 16 hours a day. I may eat a lot, but I am very healthy.”