If the Shoe Fits Customers Will Buy More

Invertex, an Israeli Tel Aviv-based start-up, is looking to alter the way individuals buy shoes. The business wants to digitize the procedure, using artificial intelligence, a software tester and testing course and 3-D imaging innovation to examine users’ feet in stores and to recommend designs and sizes that would fit the best. The software can also aid with online shopping, allowing mobile phones to scan feet through an app, analyse the digital content and make recommendations about exactly what would be the best buy.

“Today many individuals purchase their shoes online and the shoe return rates are insane,” stated Invertex CEO David Bleicher in a phone interview. Shoe makers and sellers Nike, Foot Locker and DSW for instance, see typically one-third of their shoes delivered back, at their cost, he stated. “We concentrate on an innovation to assist business better match their items to their consumer requirements. This issue exists in glasses and fashion in general,” he stated. “But the hardest issue remains in shoes, which is where we are determined to solve today.”

Invertex stated on Thursday it closed a $2 million seed financing round, led by the Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding VC OurCrowd through its OurCrowd First early-stage fund. Permoda, a global retail and fashion group, also took part in the round together with other angel financiers, the business said in a statement. Invertex is a business-to-business business, and therefore would be provided as a service to consumers by the likes of Nike and Adidas through their sites or apps, Bleicher stated.

The item is a mix of software application and hardware. A so-called launchpad put in stores would enable individuals to stand on a digital pad and get a 3D scan and corresponding mobile data capture of their feet on their mobile phones. The scan is sent out to a cloud through a business cloud management system and compared to 10s of countless other individuals’ feet – to examine exactly what designs and sizes worked in the past for individuals with those sort of feet. The artificial intelligence part of the item then recommends the very best shoes and designs. The software also enables the scanning of shoes’ bar-codes in the shop to reveal exactly what colors are readily available and if there are comparable shoes to take a look at.

In the at-home and e-commerce variations, the innovation would enable the scanning of feet by means of a mobile phone video camera and offer the very same info as does the launchpad in the shop. The Invertex Plugin would be included to the shop’s E-commerce sites, allowing them to offer suggestions to clients and help reduce the variety of shoe returns. “A size 8 is not the exact same for all feet, and there are likewise distinctions between the right and left feet,” Bleicher stated. “The 3D measurement helps comprehend the size but also the volume and other criteria of the foot. Fitting shoes is not a science but an art, and with AI we can resolve this.”

The scanning procedure has to be done just once, and the digital content is formed into a personal profile and saved for any subsequent check outs to the website or the shop. Numerous profiles can be saved on the app as well as shared amongst users, the business states on its site. United States firm Real Fit does something similar, offering users the possibility to tailor their shoes purchases. Its innovation understands which brand names best fit consumers by observing how other buyers with the exact same physique purchase or return specific brand names.

The distinction from Real Fit, stated Bleicher, is that Invertex uses a multi-channel method – for inside the shop and for e-commerce, and not simply the e-commerce channel. And Invertex uses 3D imaging combined with AI, he stated, instead of the huge information technique used by Real Fit, which works by comparing physique to others. Invertex has currently a couple of beta clients and pilots in place with smaller sized business. It is also in talks with the majority of the biggest shoes businesses, like Nike and Adidas, about the agile automated testing innovation, Bleicher stated.

“They are all thinking about fixing this issue,” stated Bleicher. “Now that our innovation is practically 100% established, the most significant difficulty will be going to market and release. Our objective is to be in all of the major shoe businesses. We want to be the market need in shoes. Later on we can use this to eyeglasses and clothes.” OurCrowd First basic partner Eduardo Shoval has signed up with the Invertex board. “Invertex was built on the structure of deep-technology and strong copyright, exactly the active ingredients we look for in the business we purchase,” stated Shoval, including that OurCrowd is wanting to assist Invertex “accelerate its go to market stage.”