Health Food Trends of 2018

Fashion in Food: Health Food Trends of 2018

Hemp Foods

Now it is legal in Australia, expect to see an invasion of hemp foods make their way to the marketplace spanning from sandwiches and bakes and bread into smoothies, beers, and brews. According to sources, the hemp plant is the next greatest source of vegetable protein from the Earth, whilst hemp seeds include all 21 essential amino acids in addition to the optimal Omega3 profile.

Functional Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been known for their high protein and protein nutrient density but a completely new universe of fungi is set to create waves in health food realms. Adapt genic mushrooms have seeped into the mainstream health food circuit in America, in forms such as reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. Now, they are looking likely to seep their way to chocolates, coffees, broths, and teas everywhere. Abundant in plants and herbs, adaptogens are thought to enhance the immune system and antioxidant levels.

Faux Meats

Together with the vegan fashion in full swing and an incline sodium and health Conscious people giving cured meats like bacon a boot, artificial meats are becoming more commonplace. Sydney recently obtained its first vegan deli and artificial bacon is more easily accessible, which means one thing: wholesome food choices are set to become even meatier in 2018.

More Superfood Powders

Turmeric lattes are not anything new but 2018 appears set to usher in other turmeric-based beverages and meals, together with maca root, cacao, spirulina- you name it they are coming. Superfood powders are a quick way to acquire a nutrient boost, meaning we are very likely to see them rise in popularity, given people are more time-poor and more diet-conscious than ever before.

Root-to-stem Cooking

You may have indulged in creating pesto together with your unused carrot tops but utilizing the entire vegetable is all about to be a regular occurrence in kitchens. Root to stem cooking is obviously a no-waste no-brainer but frequently, the stalks we are so fast to bin are concealing dense flavour and nutrition. Take broccoli stalks, for example; should you throw it off, then you are binning 2.98 g of protein and 48 mg of calcium.

Edible Flowers

Rose and elderflower have been appearing in bakes and drinks for a while, while edible blossoms are still up to the aesthetic allure of dishes. Do not expect the tendency to vanish anytime soon especially given that the growing belief today of the wellness and therapeutic benefits that blossoms pose. Flowers include natural antibiotic properties and red clover blossoms are a terrific blood purifier. That means it’s possible to find a health boost whilst increasing the fashionable, pastel, Instagram allure of your meals at precisely the exact same moment. We are allowing more blossoms to make their way on our plates this year.


More and more people believe in pasture-fed meats, farm-raised eggs, and encouraging smaller manufacturers who adhere to the ethical treatment of livestock. People want to know that the protein they are consuming has not been produced to cause harm and suffering to animals. Ditch the supermarket and turn to your local specialty grocery store to source fresh meats and produce.


The Mediterranean tendency is really on the rise, tahini is becoming a fashion-forward family staple. We adore that tahini is packaged with monounsaturated fats, together with anti-inflammatory phytosterols which help promote a healthy heart. This season, expect to be visiting the savory spread aisle and see tahini make its way outside luxury restaurants and to your favourite snacks, desserts, and breakfasts on supermarket shelves.

Healthy Fast Food

Homestyle wholesome fast food prepared by smaller retailers, not mass producers. With busy schedules and the fuss of cooking, families, and individuals are turning to wholesome prepared meals as an alternative. We are not talking about fattening processed fast food but locally produced meals that are satisfying and healthy.